20 July 2022

How to stop emails from going to Spam in Gmail

If an important email has gone into Spam in Gmail, do this.

1. When you open the email, look for 3 vertical dots (probably beside 'Reply', but it may depend on what layout you use). Click the 3 vertical dots.

2. Select 'Filter messages like this'.

3. In the screen that opens, the sender's email address probably appears in 'From', but if not, type it there - or enter other details if you wish.

4. Click 'Create filter'.

On the screen shown below...

5. Tick 'Never send it to spam'.

6. Click 'Create filter'.

Due to the havoc caused by a spammer, I've had to delete an email account that I previously used when sending research reports, e-books and mini-guides. My current business address is always on the 'About' page on my website.

(This post first appeared on https://genie-leftovers.blogspot.com/2022/07/how-to-stop-emails-from-going-to-spam.html.)

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