10 October 2010

Old Age Pension Records (Sources Sunday)

For an updated version of this post, with a link to an online index to names of 9,000 applicants for the old age pension, see Old Age Pension Records for Genealogy (February 2014).


  1. What a monumental job indexing 9,000 records!

    1. It was, and yet it was also one of the easiest, because 99% of the handwriting was perfectly legible! An even larger indexing project (I'm still working on it) will be my index to insanity files (7,300 names already and lots more to be added). My most difficult index was the one for Cooktown Hospital admissions. The handwriting was unbelievably dreadful, and the registers were in an appalling condition. In fact, I was only willing to publish the names from that index after I persuaded the Archives to microfilm the registers.


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