13 December 2016

Canadians and Americans in Cooktown Hospital

Modern photo of Cooktown's old hospital
(source: scampiferous on Flickr)
Listed below are some of the Americans and Canadians who were admitted to hospital at Cooktown, Queensland, Australia, 1884-1901. Spelling of names and places is rather erratic. The hospital's admission registers are printed volumes with space for these details (which, if supplied by the patient, may be more accurate than those on a death certificate):

Name;  date admitted;  age;  birthplace;  occupation;  religion;  ship of arrival;  how long in colony;  place of residence;  marital status;  place of marriage, at what age, and name of spouse;  names and ages of children living;  number and sex of children deceased;  father's name and occupation;  father's present residence if living (or 'father dead');  mother's maiden name;  disease or reason for admission;  date of discharge or date and cause of death;  sometimes additional remarks (medical history, social circumstances, etc).

William BARRON born St Johns Newfoundland
Ira BASSIE born Manitoba Canada
Laurence BERNARD born Prince Edwards Island Canada
Andrew BROWN born Prince E Island, Canada
Edward BROWN born Toronto Canada
William CASEY born New York America
Louie DUVAL born Montreal Canada
Richard HIGGINS born Wisconsin America
William Henry LAWSON born St John, New Brunswick
Frank LENNOX born Mitigan(?), NY State America
Frank LENNOX born New York State America
Franshaw LENNOX born Silver Creek America
Joan LORD (nee STREET) born New York
John MORGAN born Philadelphia America
Edward MOSEBY born Baltimore America
Joan STREET (born New York; married name LORD)

To search for other names, or to find out how to obtain copies from the original hospital registers, see the three Web pages about Cooktown hospital.
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