03 August 2014

Genealogy Activities

Here are my answers to questions in the survey of genealogy activities (the latest 'Saturday Night Genealogy Fun').

(a) Which genealogy computer software do you use?

The Master Genealogist, which I have used for more than 20 years (and will continue to use). Sometimes I also use Legacy Family Tree for reports and other features.

(b) Which online family trees have information submitted by you?

Apart from the tree on my own Website, I use (and recommend) WorldConnect. I only have partial trees on FindMyPast and GenesReunited. I agree with CeCe Moore who says that many researchers with well-documented family trees do not put them on Ancestry, but they do put them on WorldConnect.

(c) For which subscription genealogy record providers do you have a subscription?

For reasons explained here, I am very happy with my 'world' subscription at FindMyPast (which includes the British Newspaper Archive). At my local public library I can use Ancestry for free, but from time to time I sign up for a one-month subscription so I can use it at home.

(d) Which FREE genealogy record providers do you use regularly?

TroveFreeBMDRyerson IndexFamilySearchCuriousFox; and GENUKI. (GENUKI is not exactly a 'record provider', but some transcribed data there is not available elsewhere).

(e) How much time do you spend each week doing actual genealogy research online (not reading or social networking, but actual searching in a record provider)?

Averaged over a year, about 4 hours per week.

(f) How much time do you spend each week doing actual genealogy research in a repository (library, archive, courthouse, etc.)?

Until recently the average was about 10 hours per week (40 hours per month). Lately I have had to reduce my hours for family reasons.

(g) How much time do you spend each week adding information to your genealogy software programme?

The average would be only about 1 hour per week, but it can vary between zero and 20 hours.

(h) How much time do you spend each month at a genealogical society meeting, program or event (not a seminar or conference)?

Nowadays, not much; but there are a few specific seminars and conferences that I always try to attend.

(i) How much time do you spend each month on genealogy education (reading books and periodicals, attending seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars, etc)?

About 25 hours per month.

(j) How much time do you spend each week reading, writing and commenting on genealogy blogs, websites, and social media?

It varies a lot. The average would be about 6 hours per week.


  1. Hi, there! I too like Find My Past (the .com - despite a few challenges). My favourites there are the passenger records, the digitized newspapers - for me all of them. And the PERSI index. Well worth paying for.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you too are having success with FindMyPast. Some of the initial problems with their new search platform have already been fixed, and more improvements are promised. Thank you for answering my question on your blog. I note that you like short term subscription offers; so watch for news about discount offers, which I usually mention on some of my social media pages.


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