07 January 2013

In Memory of Joan Miller

Joan Miller
The genealogy world is mourning the loss of Joan Miller (respected Canadian family historian and geneablogger, and my 'Genealogists for Families' co-captain). Joan passed away peacefully on January 4th after a year-long battle with cancer. I am sad that I never met Joan in person because we were on opposite sides of the world, but I treasured our on-line friendship. My heart goes out to her family.

Joan's daughter Heather has asked that commemorative loans or donations in memory of her mother should be made through Kiva and the 'Genealogists for Families' project. You can either:

(1) Make an ordinary Kiva loan (our team calls it a 'commemorative loan'), with repayments going to you so that you can re-lend the money over and over again as it is repaid.


(2) Make what Kiva calls a 'dedicated loan'. During the checkout process, in 'My Basket', select the option 'Dedicate this loan'. With a Dedicated Loan, repayments will be donated to Kiva instead of being returned to you.

In her 'Meet the Team' profile, Joan said that she chose field partners with at least a 3-star rating and a low delinquency rate. Several of her loans were to women in the Philippines. For my commemorative loan I therefore followed Joan's example by choosing Luna in the Philippines, who supports her family by making crafts with shells.

Please join me in supporting this non-profit organisation about which Joan was so passionate. She will be missed, but her legacy will live on.
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  1. May Joan rest in peace. I am one of her invitees to the Genealogists for Families Kiva group and have truly enjoyed investing my contributions, especially with women in food and agriculture sectors - to honor my many farming ancestors. I encourage everyone to honor and remember Joan by becoming a Kiva member, donating even just $25 to someone somewhere around the globe. It's quite fun to select a recipient, know that they are working hard with the donations to make their lives better, then wait for them to pay back the loan, and then loan out the $25 to someone else. And you don't have to stop at $25! And you can invite friends to join you in contributing through Kiva. Thank you, Joan, for inviting me to be part of our global family via Kiva.

    1. Thank you, Doug, for your lovely comment and the on-going support for a project that was dear to Joan's heart.

  2. How terribly sad for her family to lose such a young woman and for the genealogy family as well. My sympathies go out to the family.

    1. There has been a wonderful response to Joan's family's request for people to pay tribute to her by supporting Kiva. As project coordinator and team captain, I am being kept very busy with administrative tasks as a result of all the new requests to join the team. :-)


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