01 July 2012

B is for Birth Place

Continuing with the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge...

B is for Birth Place.

Sources from which I have discovered an exact place of birth (a town or parish) include:
  1. census records
  2. names of family houses or farms
  3. death certificates
  4. marriage certificates in Queensland, NSW or Victoria
  5. birth certificates of the subject's children born in Queensland, NSW or Victoria
  6. hospital admission registers
  7. benevolent asylum records
  8. mental asylum records
  9. military service records
  10. inquest files
  11. documents in Supreme Court probate files (see 10 Tips for Wills, Intestacies and Probate).
  12. newspaper notices (marriage, death, obituary etc.)
  13. newsletters / magazines published by clubs, churches, societies or occupational groups
  14. headstones
  15. memorial plaques in churches
  16. cemetery burial records
  17. church registers of baptism, marriage and burial
  18. Police Gazettes
  19. Police Station and Police Department records
  20. naturalisation records
  21. registers of teachers
  22. police staff files
  23. files on dentists who had difficulty being recognised by the Board
  24. immigration records (especially 20th century)
  25. personal family papers, diaries, letters, bibles etc
  26. any of the above records for the subject's brothers or sisters.

These are just the sources that I can think of right now. Some of these sources are online at FindMyPast (that link goes to a full list of their record sets worldwide).

Where else have you found a reference to the exact town or parish in which a person was born?

You will find more tips for family history in my other articles in this series. If the information and advice is useful, have a look at this page.


  1. I second what Jill said! :D

  2. Thanks, folks. Please let me know if you find other sources that give an exact place of birth.

  3. Interesting idea! I look forward to reading the rest of the alphabet.

    1. Thanks Anne. I created a page to list all of my posts in this series because they will be spread across five blogs (Genealogy Leftovers, Queensland Genealogy, UK/Australia Genealogy, Yorkshire Genealogy, and Jottings Journeys and Genealogy).


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