04 September 2010

Sources Sunday

The traditional blogging theme 'Sentimental Sunday' is not really relevant to me, so I am using a new theme: 'Sources Sunday'. I will feature a source that I have used for genealogy, such as a specific source or series in a record office; a book; a non-print publication (microfiche or CD-ROM); or a library, museum etc as a source in the broader sense.

If the source is at Queensland State Archives I will post to Queensland Genealogy - but even if your research is in another State or country, you may find my comments helpful because National, State and local record offices throughout the world often hold similar material. There are also many documents at Queensland State Archives for people from other States and countries. One example is the Supreme Court probate file for Ellis READ (Qld State Archives: SCT/P421 file 11083).

Statements in the file show that Ellis READ lived in Guadalajara 1882-1890. Between 1887 and 1890 he made business trips to London and lived there for a few months at a time. He died in Mexico in 1890. Ten years later his widow applied for administration of his estate. I don't know whether Ellis ever lived in Australia, but he owned land here. When that land was sold, a grant of probate was required so that a certificate of title could be issued. The probate file includes an affidavit regarding Ellis READ's death certificate, giving his age, native place, occupation, wife's maiden name, father's name, mother's maiden name, and his cause of death and burial place.

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