08 September 2010

Family History Library catalogue (52 Weeks to Better Genealogy, no.36)

Challenge no.36 was 'Check out the Family History Library catalog. Search by place, surname, keyword, title, film/fiche, author, subject, and call number. You do not have to be a member of the LDS Church to utilize this service.'

I had previously used this site to find English parish registers and Australian probate records. For a few dollars I was able to order microfilms for use at a Family History Centre near me. Nowadays members of some genealogical societies in Australia can also order films for use in their society's library.

This week I did searches using both the original site and the new 'beta' site. The beta version produces results that look nicer, with all details on one screen; but identifying a particular parish is sometimes more difficult. It depends how the 'place search' results are presented when there are several places with the same name. Presumably this issue will be resolved as the site develops.

('52 Weeks to Better Genealogy' is a series of tasks devised by Amy Coffin for Geneabloggers, whose Web site has a full description of this week's challenge.)


  1. Agree with your comment "identifying a particular parish is sometimes more difficult."

  2. Thanks for playing along with the 52-week challenge. I really enjoy reading everyone's experiences each week. No two are the same!

  3. Thank YOU, Amy, for the ideas! One of my first thoughts when I wake up on Saturday morning is, 'I wonder what this week's challenge will be'.


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