Surnames in my family tree include:

Agar, Ashton, Barber, Birks, Blair, Bowser, Brazil, Burnley, Bussell, Butler, Bynon, Campbell, Capsticks, Clark, Cockburn, Cordeux, Corduex, Cordukes, Cornish, Coulson, Dasey, Deller, Derbyshire, Giblett, Harley, Hazlewood, Holmes, Hudson, Hugill, Johnson, Lamont, Leaper, Livermore, Livermore, MacDonald, Matthew, McCall, McColl, McKenzie, McNaughton, Mountain, Mustell, Nicholson, Peacock, Porter, Sheppard, Sherring, Smith, Steinke, Upright, Weaver, Webster, Wells.

Family Groups

Those surnames are from three family lines that I am currently researching (CAMPBELL, HUDSON, WEBSTER). The family groups include:

  • CAMPBELL line - Scotland (Argyllshire) or Australia:

    Blair, Campbell, Cockburn, Coulson, Holmes, Lamont, Livermore, Sherring, McCall, McColl, MacDonald, McKenzie, McNaughton, Webster, Wells.

  • HUDSON line - England or Australia:

    Agar, Ashton, Barber, Birks, Bowser, Burnley, Bynon, Capsticks, Clark, Cordeux, Corduex, Cordukes, Dasey, Deller, Derbyshire, Hudson, Hugill, Johnson, Leaper, Matthew, Mountain, Peacock, Upright.

  • WEBSTER line - England or Australia (but NICHOLSON is Ireland + Australia):

    Brazil, Bussell, Butler, Campbell, Cornish, Giblett, Harley, Hazlewood, Livermore, Mustell, Nicholson, Porter, Sheppard, Sherring, Smith, Steinke, Weaver, Webster.

For most of these families, more details are on my Web site at That site explains how to contact me if you think your family is connected to mine.

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