26 July 2010

What I Do: Technology I use

I was interested to see what technology other people use. Here is my list (yes, I know I am behind the times!)

* Hardware: desktop PC + notebook PC (Windows XP).
* External storage: CDs + a few 2GB/4GB USB flashdrives.
* Online storage: AOL email account; Blogger; Rootsweb Freepages/WorldConnect. I may try Mozy.
* Backup: CD/flashdrive/paper *in another town* in case of a local disaster.
* Virus protection: AVG free recommended by computer repairman.
* Printer: Brother HL2040 laser (b/w) + HP Deskjet (colour).
* Phone: landline + Nokia mobile without a camera.
* Browser: Firefox + Internet Explorer 7.
* Blog: Blogger.
* RSS: Mozilla Thunderbird + Google Reader in IE7.
* FTP: WS_FTP + sometimes FileZilla.
* Text editor: Windows Wordpad.
* Screen capture: PrintKey.
* Social media: Facebook.
* Social bookmarking: None yet.
* Social profile: Blogger.
* URL shortener: TinyUrl.
* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
* E-mail: Eudora.
* Calendar: Lotus Organiser (came with computer) + mobile phone.
* Accounting: QuickBooks.
* PDF generator: PDF995 (free; works nicely with Word).
* Genealogy database: TMG (The Master Genealogist) v.7 Gold edition. With this I use SecondSite2 (creates Web pages from TMG data) and TMG Utility. Before TMG I used Relatively Yours.
* Genealogy tools: ParLoc2 (parish locator).
* Other tech stuff:
- My scanner died so I use a digital camera (Canon Powershot A100).
- Treepad (great little programme to file bits and pieces).
- PowerDesk (file manager for Windows).
- Diskeeper Lite (free defragmenter).
-Webpage generator = me! Apart from blogs and family tree pages from TMG, I create my Web site by writing the HTML in Wordpad.

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