31 July 2010

Emergency Chain (52 Weeks to Better Genealogy, no.30)

This week's 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy challenge was 'Create an emergency chain. If you are unable to get online for a significant period of time, how will you let everyone know? This challenge was inspired by Hurricane Ike and 14 days without power.'

I asked two close friends who are familiar with the Internet to be my 'emergency chain':
  1. I will ensure that my 'chain members' - can I call them my 'chain gang'? (wicked grin) - always have my current postal address, telephone number, and main and alternative email addresses.
  2. I will let them know if I will be without Internet access for more than a couple of weeks. If I am silent for an unusually long time, I hope they will check whether I am OK.
  3. In case they are unable to contact me, I have given them my sisters' phone numbers.
  4. I will ask them to inform the genealogical community, in whatever way they think appropriate, when I go to meet my ancestors in Heaven.
  5. I have given my sisters a printed page entitled 'In the event of my death' (which includes instructions on how to access my email accounts). I will update that page to include contact details for the friends in my Emergency Chain.
  6. In my electronic calendar I have set periodic reminders to check that the details I have given everyone are current.
('52 Weeks to Better Genealogy' is a series of tasks devised by Amy Coffin for Geneabloggers.)

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