27 January 2016

More Good News from FindMyPast

(Update: the 10% discount has now ended)
From mid-February 2016, a 12 month Britain subscription or World subscription at FindMyPast will include unlimited free access to the 1939 Register for England and Wales.

You can get a World subscription via any FindMyPast site (Australia/NZ, Britain, Ireland or USA).

If you are not familiar with the 1939 Register, see 'What does the 1939 Register Mean for Family Historians?'

Findmypast (one of my favourite sites for family history) now gives you access to over billion records, and they add thousands more each week. Check the worldwide list of record sets (arranged by region) plus last Friday's additions.

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Old Age Pensions (Wednesday's Webpage for Genealogy)

This week's featured Web page is Old Age Pensions and Genealogy. It leads to pages with names of over 9,200 applicants, most of whom were born before the 1850s in either the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or western Europe (especially Germany and Scandinavia), plus a few from other countries.

If an application was rejected, the reasons can be illuminating.

Examples of reasons for rejection

Before you search the names, read the explanation of eligibility criteria and the sources that were indexed.

This post is number 2 in my Wednesday's Webpage series. Each week I will focus on one page that either describes genealogy sources or research strategies, or lists names from indexes to original records in Archives or elsewhere.

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21 January 2016

Good News and Bad News from FindMyPast

Today's emails brought both good news and bad news from FindMyPast (one of my favourite sites for genealogy and family history).

[UPDATE, 27 Jan 2016: And there's more good news today - 10% discount on 12 month subscriptions!]

Good news #1

FindMyPast will be FREE for 72 hours!  From Friday 22nd to Monday 25th January 2016, everyone has free access to FindMyPast's world records (except the 1939 Register). Check the terms and conditions and start / end times for each region:

Good news #2

If you have a current 'world' subscription at FindMyPast, three extra days will be added to your subscription after this 'free access' weekend.

Good news #3

From 16th February 2016, 12 month Britain and World subscribers will have unlimited access to the 1939 Register as part of their subscription packages.

Bad news and good news

From 16 Feb 2016, new FindMyPast subscriptions will cost 20% more than the current price - but if you already have a 12 month subscription, the price of your next renewal will be frozen, and you will still get a 10% loyalty discount.

In conclusion...

Findmypast now gives you access to over eight billion records, and they add thousands more each week. Use this 'free weekend' to explore those records and decide whether to buy a subscription before the price rise in February. Check out the list of record sets (arranged by region) plus last Friday's additions.

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20 January 2016

Site Search / Navigation Tips (Wednesday's Webpage for Genealogy)

Top section of 'Site Search and Navigation Tips' Web page

This post is the first in my Wednesday's Webpage genealogy series. Each week I will focus on one page that either:
  1. lists names from indexes to original records in Archives or other useful sources

  2. describes genealogy sources or research strategies.

Selected pages from my main genealogy Web site will be included in this series, so it seems logical to start by looking at 'Site Search and Navigation Tips'. It explains how to get the most out of the site, which has more than 135 pages and 53,000 names, plus my own family tree.

Read the dot points on Site Search and Navigation Tips, then use the customised Google search box on that page to look for names or keywords.

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13 January 2016

50% Discount on FindMyPast Subscriptions

Until 11:59pm (GMT) on Thursday 14 Jan 2016 you can get 50% off the price of any new FindMyPast World subscription. Presumably this offer is only for new or lapsed subscribers, but if you have any questions, lcameron@findmypast.com is the person to ask.

Click the link for your preferred region/currency; select either a one month or twelve month subscription; type FLASHJAN2016 in the Discount Code box and click 'Apply'.

You can un-tick 'auto-renew' in the MyAccount section of the site.

FindMyPast is one of my favourite genealogy sites, for reasons listed here. More records are added almost every week, so if you haven't visited the site recently, have a look at the full list of worldwide records on FindMyPast.

(This post first appeared on http://genie-leftovers.blogspot.com/2016/01/50-discount-on-findmypast-subscriptions.html.)