05 June 2011

Netbooks, Windows 7 and Genealogy

I am thinking about buying a Netbook computer before I go overseas. At just over 1kg, it would be a much better proposition than my current (heavy) laptop. With my trip just three weeks away (and very little free time to set up and become familiar with a new computer), my dilemma is - should I buy a new netbook with Windows 7 Starter or buy or borrow a pre-loved one with Windows XP (the operating system I know and like)?

Will my genealogy software work with Windows 7 Starter? I use The Master Genealogist v.7, SecondSite v.2.1.10, TMG Utility v.7 and Treepad. I have not had time to research this question, so I am hoping that you will help me to make a quick decision! I would love to hear (via a comment below) what you think of Netbooks (any recommendations for or against particular brands or models?), Windows 7 Starter, and any 'tech tips'. Thanks!