24 April 2017

Win a 12 month Findmypast subscription!

I've already mentioned this on Genealogy Discounts and Freebies plus UpdatesGenie and my genealogy pages on Facebook and Twitter... but it's worth mentioning again.

If you'd like to win a 12 month Findmypast subscription, this is your chance! The winner can choose whether the subscription is for British, Irish, Australian/NZ or USA records.

Submit your entry (in just two easy steps) on my Prize Draws and Competitions page. Entries close at 8am (AEST) on Wednesday 26 Apr 2017.

I'm very grateful to Findmypast for allowing me to give away such a wonderful prize (RRP $114.50). I've had a Findmypast subscription for many years, and I love it!

After some lucky person wins the Findmypast subscription, I will also give away a second (smaller) prize.

(This post first appeared on http://genie-leftovers.blogspot.com/2017/04/win-12-month-findmypast-subscription.html. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles, Freedigitalphotos.net.)


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