22 November 2014

The Missing Nephew - Can You Help?

I have (at the enquirer's request) deleted many names, dates and locations that she included in her email (although I explained that this publicity may be virtually useless without them).

- - quoting from email - -

"I am searching for any info re the son of my brother."   [I'll call the brother 'B'.]   "B told me about his unborn child in 1981-1982, but refused to divulge the name of the mother. I am sure that he knew that I would contact her and offer support. My brother was in the Army and living at [deleted] at the time. In recent years the young man visited B in Queensland.

This young man may have questions about family or genealogy, and I would welcome him and offer any assistance I could. He is my nephew and he has a right to know about his birth family. I would welcome any advice on how to proceed."

- - -

If you any have suggestions, please add a comment below.


  1. The first step would be to learn more about M.D.'s army regiment, and who he may have worked side by side with. They would have good leads as to whom the mother might be.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I have let the enquirer know about your comment.


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